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Up and Over Garage Doors

By far the most common type of garage door throughout the UK, Up and Over garage doors offer ease of use in their one-piece construction. Because of their design simplicity, they provide low-effort and hassle-free operation.

Up and Over garage doors fall within two primary categories determined by their operating mechanisms: canopy or retractable. Their categorisation is based upon how the garage door panel opens and closes, and depending on the particular application, both mechanisms have their place. An additional requirement for Up and Over garage doors, however, is the installation of a sub-frame.

Canopy Up and Over Garage Doors

The simplest to operate and most commonly found type of up and over garage door is the canopy mechanism up and over. As its name indicates, a single panel forms the entire garage door and when opened upward, leaves approximately one-third of the panel extending outward from the drive-through opening, thereby creating a "canopy." The garage door panel is assisted and balanced by torsion springs mounted on the fixing frame header above the door panel. By virtue of its design, this type of garage door affords the maximum width for driving through and is by far the easiest to install. This type of garage door is basic in that it is not typically employed if the garage door is meant to be opened utilising an electric garage door opener/handset combination.

Retractable Up and Over Garage Doors

Fast gaining on its canopy counterpart in popularity, the retractable up and over garage door functions in a somewhat similar fashion, however, with this type of garage door, the entire door panel retracts inside the garage when open. The drive-through width is slightly lessened due to the lifting arms' position between the sub-frame but finds favour for its smoother operability. This garage door type also functions by utilising tension springs, but converts safely and easily for electric remote operation.

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