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Built-in Security Shutters and SecureShield

Security shutters are designed to protect business establishments outside operating hours by serving as a deterrent to would-be thieves and vandals while still allowing retail products to be visible to potential customers. These shutters also allow corporate branding and colours to be seen around the clock. Built-in security shutters are a particularly useful means of protection where local laws strictly dictate what types of shutters may be employed.

Central Garage Doors is proud to offer the full range of SecureShield physical security products. This product line includes security shutters, window shutters, retractable gates, and removable bars which all provide excellent protection for homes and businesses across the UK.

The SWS UK Security Shutter range was specially developed in response to the need for providing an aesthetic, yet architecturally acceptable solution for homes and commercial properties with a need for protection from burglary and vandalism.

SecureShield is pleased to be recognised as an industry leader for offering of the most comprehensive range of security shutters available within the physical security realm. SecureShield works hard to provide viable and innovative solutions for both the retail and public sectors which encompass business and residential protection.

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