Sectional Garage Doors Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Highly practical and aptly named for their operating mechanism, sectional garage doors are composed of four or more horizontal panels which open and close vertically as individual sections when in operation. Each individual panel has two rollers which provide a rigid and constant support system while the garage door is in motion.

This type of garage door allows for the maximum utilisation of space around the drive-through opening both inside and outside of the garage, as they are mounted on a vertical track system within the garage which curves backwards at the top into a horizontal position within the garage headspace.

Because of their track system, they can be installed in almost any size or shape of garage opening. Sectional garage doors offer multiple insulation options, greater security, are well-known for their smooth operation, as well as accommodating a wide variety of garage door openings. Lastly, sectional garage doors allow more clearance as they lift higher than most other types of garage doors and they are easily upgraded to operate via electric remote control.

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