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Space-Saving Characteristics

Perhaps the most space-saving type of garage door, roller garage doors open vertically, requiring only the most minimal of space within a garage as well as allowing for unobstructed headspace. Because a roller garage door literally rolls up into a compact coil, the ceiling space within the garage remains free for other uses. Rolling garage doors may also be installed on the exterior of a garage. However, that arrangement exposes the mechanism to the elements and causes more rapid deterioration of the mechanism.

Manufactured with Modern Technology for Safety and Security

The tension spring assemblies on roller garage doors support the operator while the garage door is in motion, which protects the operator apparatus, and allows the door to be opened manually in times of emergency or power outage.

Additionally, double cabling prevents rolling garage doors from crashing to the ground under their own weight should the operator ever fail. Rolling garage doors possess a specialised profile arrangement in which the shaft provides a secure locking mechanism practically impossible to break into or cause the garage door to cave in under external manual means.

Operators are included as a standard feature and are located outside the support brackets for trouble-free maintenance access. The starting and stopping of a roller garage door’s motion are both soft and silent due to compensation provided by the tension spring. Also, highly reliable automatic cut-outs render the door immobile during emergencies, eliminating the need for an additional closing edge safety device.

Ideal for Renovations and Modernisation

Whether your garage door opening is chamfered or rectangular makes no difference when installing rolling garage doors. Neither does it matter if there is a segmental or Norman arch. The shape of the garage opening plays no role in the installation of rolling garage doors because this type of door fits anywhere.

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