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Convenience and secure protection for your home

Automatic garage doors provide an excellent means of protecting your garage, and by extension, your home. They offer the unparalleled convenience of a clear path into your garage after dark and under harsh weather conditions with the minimal effort of pushing a remote button from inside your vehicle. After your garage door is closed and locked, only those who have the authority to do so may open it again.

Electric Door Operation

Without leaving the safety and comfort of your car, gaining access to your garage is both straightforward and safe. With just the touch of a button from inside your vehicle, the automatic garage door operator opens the garage door and activates the interior garage lights. Once parked inside, pressing the remote again closes the garage door behind your vehicle.

Central Garage Doors offers a broad range of automatic garage doors featuring additional optional safety mechanisms to ensure your protection further.

Door Security

To prevent your garage door from being forced open, all operators sold by Central Garage Doors come fully equipped with locking security devices which automatically activate when the garage door is in motion to close. This device engages directly within the operator mechanism’s boom and maintains functionality even during power failures.

Should the garage door’s path be obstructed, an automatic cut-out halts the door’s closing motion and raises it back up approximately 30cm. This allows for the protection of persons from being injured by a lowering garage door and the removal of obstructions as needed. This safety mechanism autonomously self-adjusts and self-tests.

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