Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) acts in the capacity of an umbrella organisation which facilitates mutual recognition of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) assessment schemes to prevent suppliers having to join multiple schemes.

A valid accreditation from any one of the SSIP Forum member schemes demonstrates a supplier has met Stage 1 of the core criteria, negating any need for further evidence. SSIP Core Criteria for assessments is aligned to the Government-backed construction pre-qualification document PAS 91, ensuring consistency within supply chain management. Constructionline accepts HCE accreditation certificates from any SSIP scheme in place of Constructionline’s own health and safety questionnaires.

Current SSIP Forum members include CHAS, Exor, SMAS, Altius VA, Eurosafe UK Ltd, BCSA, APS, HVCA, BSI and Safe Contractor.

For Buyers

Why limit your choice of suppliers to a single scheme? As a buyer, adopting SSIP can assist you in gaining access to more suppliers assessed to the CDM2007 Health & Safety standard. At present, there are nearly 8,000 Constructionline suppliers who have been assessed by at least one SSIP Forum member and access to the complete database is free to buyers. In recognising SSIP, you can be assured that assessment standards have been endorsed by the HSE, and all SSIP schemes have been independently audited.

For Suppliers

A major obstacle for many contractors is the need to be assessed by multiple pre-qualification schemes. This requirement is often frustrating and costly for businesses attempting to improve the health and safety of their employees. By becoming HSE assessed by an SSIP scheme you will have satisfied the criteria for all SSIP Forum member schemes, thereby preventing the need to pay multiple assessment fees.


Each month, thousands of contractors and consultants apply for work within organisations in both the public and private sectors. To win their bids, they must meet certain health and safety standards, but assessing the health and safety competence of contractors is a convoluted and time-consuming process. Suppliers often find that they may meet one buyer's health and safety standards, but not another's. CHAS accreditation reduces duplication of assessment requirements, as supplier compliance is accepted by all CHAS buyers. Additionally, CHAS assesses applicants on the following criteria:

  • Health and safety policy statement
  • Their organisation for health and safety
  • Their specific health and safety arrangements to a standard acceptable to our buyers and others


Central Garage Doors is also fully registered with the Safety Management Advisory Services (SMAS), a member of the SSIP. SMAS works closely with their clients to ensure seamless migrations into the contractor database and holding the SMAS accreditation means a contractor has fully demonstrated their capabilities in meeting the SSIP Forum core criteria.

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